23 January 2011

Making it Work

Yesterday I decided to invite my mother-in-law over for dinner. Inviting company over for dinner always sends me into Amy the Homemaker mode. I really stress out over having company because I want the house to be clean and look nice, but my husband has discovered that I secretly love cleaning, cooking and making our house inviting even IF it does stress me out.

I decided to make some banana bread for dessert. I have had a few bananas ripening up on my counter for days. I was on the verge of throwing them away when I finally just gave in to the idea of whipping up some banana bread. I have never had very good luck making banana bread and yesterday was no different. As soon as I got everything mixed up I realized that something was not right, the batter was not the correct consistency, and then I remembered I forgot the eggs. I decided to not fret about it and just threw them in at the last minute. It ended up turning out okay. I used THIS recipe and here is how it turned out:

After baking the bread I had to clean up the house. My husband bought me a Shark Steam Mop for Mother's Day and I love that thing. It is so handy for days just like today. Once you use a Shark Steam Mop you will never go back to a mop and a bucket again!!!

Next I had to pick out the outfit. Not really a big deal, but I like to dress nice for company. I have to wear scrubs at work throughout the week, so I take every opportunity I can on the weekends to look nice! Here is what I came up with. 

Pretty Casual

My Shoes!!

Next it was time for the food. We decided to go with spaghetti. Easy to make, but always tastes great! Especially when we pair it with some crusty bread and our awesome oil dip! I wish that I would have taken a picture of the dip, but I was too busy eating it to remember to take a picture.

With Dessert made and dinner simmering on the stove it was time to set the table. Nothing fancy, but I wanted it to look different than our normal week night meals. A table cloth always does the trick!

All the preparing is done and now it is time to eat. I am hungry and tired from all the running around. It's time to fill our plates with spaghetti, dip our bread in some oil, and enjoy our evening together. 

Our guest of honor

my husband enjoying the banana bread

I haven't been a homemaker for very long, but I am learning a lot along the way. The more you do it, the more relaxed you feel. I am also learning that sometimes you just have to make it work. When I am getting discouraged that I am not the best chef or baker around, or that I do not have the best dishes or table setting, I am reminded of Tim Gunn's popular phrase on Project Runway, "Make It Work". It sounds crazy, but those three little words help me to be appreciative of what I do have and just to make the best of it. A great meal does not have to be a huge event, but just and intimate evening with great food and great people. I would definitely say that last night was a success!!

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