15 January 2011

LOVEly decorations

Valentines day is right around the corner. I never really do much decorating for valentines day, but I was inspired by a lot of cute decorations I saw on other peoples blogs and came up with a few little groupings to put up around the house. I thought my husband would think it was ridiculous, but I think it even puts him in a lovey dovey mood. He said it is nice that there is a day in the year, besides our anniversary, when we can take time to celebrate our love for each other. So...here it is:

I got this really cute "love" decoration at Target and paired it with a red candle holder and our wedding photos

I also bought the "heart" decoration at Target. I bought the frogs a couple of years ago...they are too cute!

In the frame is an antique valentine card that my husband bought at an antique store and gave to me on Valentines day a few years back. I love the card and it normally lives in our bedroom as a permanent decoration. The jar I came up with myself. I bought some heart picks at the Dollar tree...filled an old jar with rice and then stuck the picks in. I really like it!  

This is the whole shelf. I am thinking it may need something else...but it is what I have right now.

I really love Valentines Day. As long as I lived in my parent's house my mom would always do something special for me and my brother on valentines day. I knew that when I came home from school I could always count on a little something waiting for me. That little something usually included some of my favorite candy and a homemade card telling me how much I was loved. I am hoping to pass that tradition on to my son. I have already started getting some stuff together for his first valentines day treat! 

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