29 June 2010

Summertime Slump

My blog has been pretty quiet over the last two months. Honestly, I got a little discouraged with my fight against the fat. The temperature outside kept getting higher and higher and my running started to be less and less throughout the week. I also felt like I was becoming more lackadaisical about my eating. So, to get over my slump I have made a new goal for myself. I have started training for a mini triathlon.  I am both nervous and excited about it at the same time. The triathlon is at the beginning of August which means I do not have that much longer to prepare. Here is the link if you want to read more about it, or if you are interested in trying it for yourself! It's called the Sports Barn Sprint Triathlon. My biggest challenge right now is working on my swimming. I have been going to my local Y to get in as many swim sessions as possible before the big day. Also, to keep my training routine interesting I have started downloading some Yoga videos and even a Bollywood Dance video to try in between training sessions.

As for the food side of things, I have still been trying to get my hands on lots of local produce this season. Over the weekend my family and I visited a local flea market and I was able to buy a huge amount of zucchini for only $2. The man told me that he had picked it from his garden that morning. I am taking his word for it. I am excited about what I am going to make with the fresh zucchini. I am thinking about making some healthy muffins and I will definitely post a picture with a recipe if I do. Until then here is a picture of my lovely zucchini!!!

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  1. Good luck! I will be there to support you!
    I am trying some new recipes with zucchini, too. I will be posting them on my blog, asap, so watch for them!