05 April 2010

Start A Food Revolution w/ Jamie Oliver

Everyone needs to set their DVR's to record my new favorite show on TV-Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. The show airs Friday nights at 9/8c on ABC. There have only been 3 episodes and it is not too late to catch up! I think that this man is on to something and I am very interested to see how it all turns out. For more info visit his webiste:

On the website you can also sign the petition to help Jamie Oliver in his efforts to improve school food across the country. At the end of the show he wants to take the petition to the White House. Let's show the president how much we care about our children and what they eat. 

All of us can start a food revolution in our own town and in our own family. Here is how I am starting my own food revolution! 

1. Cooking more family meals at home
2. Learning new recipes (like making waffles from scratch and not from a box)
3. Finding out how to buy more of our food from local farmers
4. Planting our own vegetables and herbs 

A huge change may not happen over night, but step by step we can create a better food future for our children. They deserve the best! 

I am going to post Jamie Oliver's TED speech. It's about 22 mins long, but it is definitely worth watching.  If you don't want to watch it for yourself at least watch it for your children. Their health is so important and it is time that we make a change! 

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  1. I have been hearing about this show! Another blog I read is about school lunches, and Jamie Oliver actually called the lady! Exciting. I dont have cable, but I am going to get Andre to find it on Hulu.:) Otherwise, you'll have to keep them and we'll have a marathon one night!!!

    ps- been seriously thinking about Crabtree farms 1/2 share. I WANT TO DO IT!