29 March 2010


Since I have started reading Michael Pollan's book, In Defense Of Food, my life has been consumed by other examples of his cause. He is not alone in his quest to spread the word about how eating natural, local food is good for the person, good for the local farmers, good for the environment, good for the animals that we eat, and good for the economy. So, if it is really good for everyone then why aren't people jumping on the fresh food bandwagon. Well, one reason is because most of us are uninformed. Convenience rules the American life, but at what cost?

Last night I watched the documentary FRESH. It is a similar documentary to Food, INC which I have mentioned in a previous post. Both of these documentary feature two of the most influential people in the fresh food debate of today. One of these is Michael Pollan himself and the other is an endearing local farmer named Joel Salatin. Both documentarys do a great job at informing the viewer of what is happening in the industrialization of food, but Fresh offers a lot of hope and ideas on how and why we, as consumers, need to make a change. Consumers are the ones who can make the most difference just by what we buy at our grocery stores and by how often we frequent our own local market.

If you care about your health, the health of your family, the health of your community, and the health of your environment, then you should watch this documentary. Inform yourself so that you can inform those around you. I have included the trailer in this post just to give you a sneak peak! You can also go to http://www.freshthemovie.com/ to get more information and to join in on the cause.


  1. Keep the info coming! I love reading about it. Kudos.

  2. Wow! I watched the Food, Inc trailer. It really does make the book seem more real. I'll go see it with you when it comes out.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Oh, I just realized the movie is already on DVD:)
    I'm going to get it this week.