29 September 2009

The Results of the Race

My first 5k race turned out to be a wonderful experience. The weather was great and the race had a record turn out. I was able to accomplish my goal of completing the race without stopping to walk. I finished the race in 34 minutes and 30 seconds. Not too bad for my first race!

Here are some pictures from the race!

If you look closely at the following picture you can see me waving. This is at the start of the race. 

The last picture is of me crossing the finish line. My husband was barely able to catch me as I was sprinting to the end..haha. I am so happy that I actually challenged myself to do the race. I think I have found a new hobby!

At the end of the race we decided to take a family picture with the BI-LO veggies!

Here's to a healthy lifestyle!

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