26 September 2009

Now is Better Than Ever

One more day until race day. I am doing my best to keep a positive attitude about the race. I am hoping to be able to run the entire race without walking. That is my goal. When I ran the course last weekend I did have to stop and walk a few hundred feet, but ended up jogging to the end. I am hoping that the adrenaline of tomorrow will help to carry me through.

For today's post I am going to talk about why I think that now is a better time than ever to start running. Here are five reasons why you should get up off your butt and get out there and start running!

1. More cities are starting to build very accessible greenways. Greenway's are cleared pathways that give communities a great opportunity for walking, jogging, biking, or in-line skating. They are usually built along a waterway and connect different parts of a community. I definitely owe a lot of credit to my own local greenway. I have logged many miles on that paved path.

2. MP3 players. MP3 players are getting smaller and cheaper. Most MP3 players even come with a clip so that they can be clipped on your clothes and you are ready to go. Even most cell phones come with MP3 players. My MP3 player even has a fitness setting so that it will actually tell me how many minutes have elapsed since the start of my run/walk.

3. Better exercise clothing. The style of Richard Simmons is out and more well designed fitness clothing is in. Now you can buy clothing that has UPF protection, anti-odor, wicks away sweat, keeps you insulated, and somehow supports your muscles all at the same time! If you don't believe me just check out the Under Armour Wear. It's incredible!

4. Better running shoes. It's just the same as the clothing. Designers are finding ways of creating shoes that can actually make you run faster, father, and better. Check out these reviews from Runners World:

5. More Gyms in more locations. Plus, a lot of gyms are running specials right now with lower membership prices and no joining fees. Joining a gym, like the YMCA or the Rush, is nice for the winter or when it is raining. So, when you cannot hit your local greenway then you still have place indoors to do some running whether it be on a treadmill or an indoor track.

 So, with all of these reasons, now you have no excuse to get out and run. If you don't feel like running just yet-walking is a great place to start. Either way, get up and get moving!!! 

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