28 March 2011

Carbs are my addiction! Especially the sweet kind.

I am just going to be honest. I did not do so great this week not eating carbs or sugar. I am still trying very hard but it is definitely a struggle. The hardest part for me is sweets. I love cookies, cake, ice cream, you name it I love it! I also got to a point that I could not stand to eat one more salad. I did get over that and have continued eating salads, but it gets very repetitive. I am thinking about experimenting with making my own salad dressings. If anyone has a good recipe please do share. As for now I would like to leave you with a link to an article that my friend posted this week on Facebook. It is just more evidence of how the western diet is bad for us and how refined sugar and carbs really impact our health



  1. Love this blog. She's so cool.

  2. How about we do a salad challange!?.. We are trying for more veggies an fish around here.. less pasta ~sigh~

    Tonight's salad-

    Mixed dark greens
    fresh blueberries
    Feta cheese crumbled
    Champange Vinegrette from Fresh Market


  3. Maddie, that sounds delicious! So how would the salad challenge work?