21 February 2011

My week in Photos

Last week there were two big events that kept me so busy I have not had time to post a blog. Those two events were Valentines Day and my 30th birthday. I did, however, take a lot of pictures and thought that it would be fun to share some of my favorites with you. I hope you enjoy!

Valentines Day...
My outfit for my Valentine's Date

Pollo Vetro from Tony's Pasta Shop...so yummy!!!

Tasty yogurt from Sweet CeCe's

Hanging out @ the Honest Pint

My handsome Valentine's date

Valentines Day Breakfast

My Birthday....

Beautiful birthday cake from The Village Bake Shop

My best friend Brandy and I hanging out

Unplanned Tattoo

My new tattoo

Birthday dinner with my family

My mom made me a cheesecake!!!

Myamazing son

Parksville Lake

My husand and son skipping rocks

I am so blessed to have such an amazing family and awesome friends! I had a great week...even though I was a little depressed about getting older. After it is all said and done I am excited to see how the next 30 years of my life go. 

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